This is a Highways for Life Project and includes innovative materials and techniques such as asphalt cement treated base course, plastic culvert pipes, precast segmental gravity retaining walls, and overlaying the roadway between Line Avenue and Fern Avenue with an open grade friction course.  The OGFC is used to reduce the wheel noise produced by vehicles.  Initial sound measurements were made before beginning work and final measurements will be made after all work is completed.  Subcontractors include T. L Wallace construction for the bridge widening, E. J. Brennaman for placement of the OGFC and Hope Contractors for the traffic signals.  Henderson Construction Services, Inc. is constructing the concrete sidewalks and driveways.  Traffic control signs and barricades are furnished by B&B Rentals and Sales.  Stars and Stripes Traffic Systems is responsible for installation of the permanent traffic markings.​

We have been selected as the sitework contractor for the Benteler Steel and Tube Mill being constructed at the Caddo Bossier Port.  Work activities include earthwork, storm drainage, soil-stabilization, stone base course, re-spreading topsoil and seeding.  The majority of this work will be completed by Thanksgiving 2013. 

Henderson Construction Services and F. J. Burnell, Inc. Joint Venture has entered into a subcontract with Walbridge, the General Contractor, for the concrete pavement on this project.  Work includes approximately 100,000 square yards of 10” and 10.5” Portland cement concrete pavement.

F. J. Burnell, Inc. contracted with Louisiana DOTD for the widening of LA 511 (70th Street) between Line Avenue and Fern Avenue.  This is a $4.46 Million project that includes widening the bridge over Bayou Pierre and widening 70th Street between Creswell Avenue and Fern Avenue.